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GPS Quiz


GPS Quiz

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            1.  What does GPS stand for?

                        A.  Grand Political Scheme

                        B.  Global Purification System

                        C.  Global Positioning Systems

                        D.  Global Positioning Science


            2.  What are GPS Systems used for?

                       A.  Position, Velocity and Time

                       B.  Position, Weight and Time

                       C.  Position, Height and Time

                       D.  Weight, Height and Time


            3.  Measurements from how many satellites are needed to determine a 3D position?

                        A.  6

                        B.  4

                        C.  2

                        D.  24


            4.  Which of the following are GPS signals able to pass through?

                        A.  Buildings

                        B.  Mountains

                        C.  Plastic

                        D.  Tunnels


            5.  GPS is funded and controlled by

                        A.  National Geographic

                        B.  US Department of Defense

                        C.  US Department of Agriculture

                        D.  National Riffle Association


            6.  Which of the following is not a  source of error in GPS measurements?

        A.  Selective availability

                        B.  Atmospheric delay

                        C.  Obstruction

                        D.  Human error


            7.  An accurate GPS position is calculated by using at least ________ satellites.

                        A.  1

                        B.  2

                        C.  3

                        D.  4


             8.  What is the term for a precise location used in GPS navigation?

                        A.  Flight path

                        B.  Bearing

                        C.  Waypoint

                        D.  Track


            9.  What is the orbit of the GPS satellites?

                        A.  Geostationary

                        B.  24 hour, polar orbit

                        C.  12 hour, 55 degree inclination

                        D.  Equatorial


           10.  What is the technique used by a GPS receiver to determine it’s location?

                        A.  Triangulation

                        B.  Navigation

                        C.  Dead reckoning

                        D.  Pilotage


           11.  Satellites travel at what speed?

                        A.  Speed of light

                        B.  7000 mph

                        C.  500 mph

                        D.  0 mph (satellites stay in one fixed place)


           12.  Satellites are in what is called “high orbit.”  That is about _________ miles above the earth.

                        A.  256,000

                        B.    12,000

                        C.      7,000

                        D.    32,000


           13.  Satellites are powered by what type of energy?

                        A.  Nuclear

                        B.  Atomic

                        C.  Rocket fuel

                        D.  Solar


           14.  GPS is used by

                A.  Military

                B.  Farmers

                        C.  Hunters

                        D.  All of the above


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