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Hamat Awareness Quiz


Hazardous Materials Awareness Quiz

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            1.       According to the United States Code, the release, dissemination or impact of toxic chemicals, a disease organism, radiation or radioactivity is Weapons of Mass Destruction.




                      2.   What are the Goals of terrorist operations?



                3.       CBRNE incidents are:

                                 A.      Chemical, Bacterial, Radiological, Nerve, Expansion

                B.      Chemical, Biological, Radium, Nuclear, Explosive

                C.      Catastrophic, Bacterial, Nuclear, Explosion

                D.     Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive


                    4.      Which Biological attack causes the highest mortality and has a major public health impact?



                    5.          List 3 chemical agent types:





                    6.          Nerve Agents are what DOT Hazard Class?



                    7.          How do Blood Agents affect the body?



            8.          Improvised Explosive Devices are homemade and usually constructed for a specific target.




                    9.          List 4 guidelines for preserving evidence:            






          10.         To protect first responders against radiation exposure, the principles of , and   should be used.


          11.                For chemical agent incidents, what should be done as soon as possible?



          12.      NFPA 1994 Protective Ensembles covers what classes?



          13.      When can a Class 2 ensemble be worn?



            14.      Identify 3 potential terrorist targets?




           15.          As a first responder it is extremely important to understand that you are not considered as a secondary target at a terrorist event.




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Last modified: 01/18/19
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