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Trench Rescue Quiz


Trench Rescue Awareness Quiz

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            1.   OSHA defines a trench as excavations that are deeper than they are wide




                2.  OSHA only recognizes the need for worker protection in trenches that are in excess of:

                       A. 1 foot

                       B. 2 feet

                       C. 3.5 feet

                       D. 5 feet


                      3.     List three trench hidden hazards.





                4.     Before entry into a trench, OSHA requires:

`                    A. Walls are properly sloped

                      B. Trench shields

                      C. Properly designed shoring

                      D. All of the above


                5.     A Side wall-in collapse is when the excavated soil is too close to the trench resulting in collapse.




                6.     A cubic yard of soil weighs approximately:

                      A. 100 pounds

                      B. 500 pounds

                      C. 1.5 tons

                      D. 1 ton


                7.    Of the 3 soil classifications, which is the most unstable?

                      A. Class A

                      B. Class B

                      C. Class C

                      D. Class U


                8.    Soil that is removed from the spoil pile and is difficult to break apart is?

                      A. Class U

                      B. Class B

                      C. Class A

                      D. Class C


                9.    Initial thumb penetration has determined the soil to be Class B (moist) however it has been raining since first responders arrived.  Based on this environmental condition, the classification is now:

                      A. Class A

                      B. Class B, no change necessary

                      C. Class C

                      D. Class U


              10.     Along with sloping, shielding and shoring, what are 2 additional regulations for worker safety?



                11.       Sloping involves the cutting back of the side of the trench to an angle at which the earth will no longer slide.




                12.   A shielding/Trench box may not be more than:

                      A. 5 feet off the trench bottom

                      B. 4 feet off the trench bottom

                      C. 2 feet off the trench bottom

                      D. Shielding/Trench boxes are not required


                13.   There are 4 types of shoring used in trenches:

                      A. Timber, screw jack, pneumatic, whales

                      B. Screw jack, upright, hydraulic, tension

                      C. Screw jack, tension, whales, strong back

                      D. Timber, Screw jack, pneumatic, hydraulic


               14.      Shoring systems must be installed from the bottom of the trench then up.




              15.  List 5 operations to be conducted upon arrival at a trench incident.







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