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Water Rescue Quiz


Water Rescue Awareness Quiz

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            1.       The Rule of Three consists of Self Rescue First, Teammate Second and Victim Third.




              2.    NFPA 1670 Water Rescue Awareness Level training consists of:

                       A.  Procedures for implementing the assessment phase

                       B.  Procedures for identifying resources necessary for safe and effective water operations

                       C. Procedures to determine rescue versus body recovery

                       D. All of the above


                3.   At the awareness level, you are required to remove a victim from a water environment?




              4.    Pre-planning consists of:

                       A. Recognize the hazard, determine water speed, and determine water temperature

                       B. Determine footing, underwater obstacles and water turbidity

                       C. Recognize hazards, take steps to prevent and prepare for rescue

                       D. Setting up rescue systems, engage the victim, removing victim from hazard


                       5.    List 3 Rescue Objectives that can be performed at the awareness level?





                       6.    List 3 Awareness Level General duties:





                 7.       Awareness level personnel are allowed within 10 feet of the water.




                       8.    List 3 items needed at the Point Last Seen.





                    9.          List 3 Safety guidelines for water rescue operations





                    10.       Identify the required command staff functions for water rescue operations



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Last modified: 01/18/19
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